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Edenworld Organic Kudzu Starch
  Edenworld Organic Kudzu Starch
  Kudzu vine is known as “Ginseng of Jiang Nan”.
The wild and crude roots of organic Kudzu vine are utilized during production and by adopting modern technology, its general progesterone, natural delicate fragrance, abundant dietary fiber and minerals have been retained.
Scientifically proven to help reduce blood presure and fat, free bodily heat, lubricate intestines, and neutralize alcohol in the blood stream.

Pour contents from one packet into a bowl. Add a little cool water and stir into a mix. Then slowly pour water that has just been boiled, stirring all the time until the mixture becomes translucent. You can now enjoy your bowl of Kudzu starch. Can also be consumed cold after refrigeration.
Honey or sugar can be added as a sweetener.