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About US

 Edenworld International Limited was set up in Hong Kong in the year 2007. A group of friends who spend their childhood years playing under camellia trees decided to start up the company and with their expertise and professionalism, the production of camellia seed oil came into being.

Hence Edenworld International Limited had the honor to introduce the essence and purity of camellia seed oil into Hong Kong.  

Our Company hopes to promote a healthy eating cultureamong Hong Kong people.


General knowledge of cooking oil:

1.     Herbal oil – bean oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil

2.     Tree oil – camellia oil, olive oil, palm oil

3.     Land animal oil – pig oil

4.     Sea animal oil – whale oil


Extraction of cooking oil:

1.     Pressing – initial pressing, second pressing

2.     Soaking – chemical usage


Edenworld organic camellia seed oil with its natural ingredients is extracted by initial pressing, retaining nutritional contents and odour. This method of production brings out the best of camellia seed oil.

Edenworld organic camellia seed oil helps the family cook the healthy way, ridding off bad cholesterol in our bodies.

A healthy life-style begins with you.


Information everyone should have concerning  Edenworld Organic Camellia Seed Oil –

1.     No trans fat.
2.     Certified Hong Kong SGS U.S.A. nutrition label.

3.     Certified organic nutrition label.

4.     Contains Vitamin E, phenol and progesterone 
        health ingredients.

5.     Mono-unsaturated fatty acid highest among all kinds of
        cooking oil.

6.     Pure, natural, advanced camellia tree.

7.     Has a high smoking point and continuous frying at a 
        temperature of 220°C  for 20 hours will not change the oil into
        saturated fat or trans fat.

8.     Used in salad dressing, stir frying and deep frying.

Virgin press Camellia seed oil non Camellia seed oil

The chemical engineer of Edenworld, Ricky LI said Camellia seed oil is farmers adopt soil-preparation of press only after simple filtration of Camellia seed oil, we call Camellia seed oil. lighter than the color it generally, but transparency are relatively poor, containing impurities, prone to tartness metamorphic. soil quality of tea because the pointers and pointer da not to national standards of health and cannot be sold on the market. 

Virgin press Camellia seed oil is Camellia seed by press way and the oil after filter, deduct  phosphorus. and no after deduct acid. decolorization, de taste processing of Camellia seed oil. it both retained has Camellia seed oil itself of flavor and individual effective of health components (as protein, vitamin e,), and guarantee has the quality pointer and health pointer to reached national for Camellia seed oil developed of standard.

How to distinguish between squeeze and dip emerged Camellia seed oil 

Virgin press Camellia seed oil (Camellia seed oil, and oil extraction only): the unique flavor and color. Oil extraction: light color and odorless. because it is used with the health requirements of by-product of extraction solvent after the pressing of vegetable oil (Camellia meal) after full immersion temperature extracted. leaching Camellia must pass a deacidification. discolored. removal of taste and refined to meet the State standards.