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Edible Oil and Human Health
  Edible Oil and Human Health
  1. Modern science has testified the nutrients people take in everyday include seven main elements, such as protein, fat carbohydrates, vitamin, mineral, fibre and water, 35% of the total heat capacity is from fat while more than 76% of the total fat is from edible oil.

2. Our camellia seed edible oil contains a kind of phenol, clinically testified that the use of it has the following effects in medicine and health.

a) Controls aging and strengthens immunity.

b) Prevents heart and head blood vessel diseases that has high fibre protein and treats atherosclerosis.

c) Contains the reduction of lucocyte and increase white cells during the course of chemotherapy and radiationtherapy.

d) Prevents cancer.

3. General progesterone controls plague's conglomeration, enlarge coronary artery, and decrease the consuming of oxygen in heart disease. It also can decrease blood fat and blood pressure.